Kill la kill - Scissor Blade

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Due to Envy's Ridiculous fees, I won't be selling this here anymore, this Item is available at my Etsy store here:

Handmade Prop Replica

Handmade prop from the anime Kill la Kill (Ryuko Matoi)

Made by me Turi @GS PROPS, this is a fan made replica. The blade is a cast taken from my own mold using Smooth cast 325. (plastic)
You will be receiving a finished product properly painted and sealed.
The paint job for this sword is done using only high quality automotive paints, NO SPRAY CANS HERE PEOPLE, HVLP system is used for the application.

Weight is aprox. 2 pounds and the total length is 41 inches.
Everything is made from scratch, turn around time is 6-7 weeks from the date ordered.

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